Markets We Service

Markets We Service

Besco has successfully completed a variety of different electrical installations throughout the Southeast Region area during our over thirty year history. This extensive experience and well-earned reputation is proof that our electrical workers possess the knowledge and ability to create any installation, no matter its complexity or scale. This experience is only matched by our ability to successfully manage electrical installations following their completion.

Here are a few specific areas where Besco’s expertise is unmatched:


Successful communities require reliable energy. Which is why we understand that our work is about more than keeping the lights-on in a building. It’s about meeting the challenges posed by continuously advancing technology. As economic growth takes hold and communities expand, government officials rely on Besco to install and manage electrical systems that meet todays’ energy load and remain prepared for the future.


From small-scale electrified trolley and bus systems, to large-scale rail projects, Besco has built a strong reputation for installing reliable energy systems to meet growing mass transit needs. As many regions in Southeast Region continue to grow and prosper, we stand ready to meet emerging transportation challenges with robust energy systems designed specifically for mass transit projects. Whether taping into the current electrical grid, or creating a dedicated energy source, our electrical workers can install and manage a robust electrical system that keeps the whole region moving.


Today’s waste and water treatment challenges require highly efficient electrical systems. Besco designs, installs, and manages electrical systems that ensures waste and water treatment plants can operate continuously and effectively. In order to operate as efficiently as possible, our systems can even generate new energy from the waste removal process by either burning excess gasses or harvesting electricity from chemical reactions. These advances help keep Besco on the forefront of waste and water treatment system design and operation.


Creating a stable and continuously available energy supply that draws power from a variety of different traditional and alternative energy sources is a challenge. Besco knows how to make it a reality. We are the premier provider of solar power installations in Southeast Region with numerous projects brought from the design phase to completion. This expertise with intermittent power sources has made Besco one of the most sought after partners in the emerging off-shore wind market and other alternative energy developments.