About Us

Serving the Electrical Industry
Since 1985


Since 1985 Besco has provided and managed high quality electrical installations for a number of customers throughout Southeast Region . Our electrical workers bring extensive experience to every work site. We are proud to have played a role in developing infrastructure projects, working with the Department of Defense on electrical installations, providing electrical systems for mass transit, creating efficient systems for waste and water treatment, and helping to bring solar and other renewable energy endeavors online.

Our approach to every electrical installation is always the same. We work with all stakeholders to fully understand the needs our systems will serve. We then develop detailed work plans that completely encompass the project’s scope and includes realistic costs of service. Once we begin, Besco secures all approvals and necessary permits needed for each project. We always aim to complete our projects within the timeframe stated in our initial work plan, and our clients can rely on clear communication and timely updates as the project progresses to completion.

Besco is proud to have earned one of the best reputations for high quality electrical installations in Southeast Region . We strongly believe our workmanship is unmatched and that there is no project we cannot complete successfully.