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Besco has successfully served as the lead contractor on numerous projects throughout the Southeast Region area for over a quarter century. We attribute our success to a foundational philosophy that places high quality workmanship at the very center of all that we do. When Besco submits a proposal, our clients know they can expect a high quality system, managed by experts, at a competitive cost. That is why we have been the go-to service provider for waste and water treatment plants, mass transit ventures, military projects, infrastructure development, emerging energy solutions such as solar installations, and a wide variety of advanced electrical contract work.

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Besco partners with the Carolinas Electrical Training Institute (CETI) to guarantee our workers possess the most up-to-date knowledge and training needed to install and manage today’s electrical systems. All of our electrical workers participate in a training program that includes 900 classroom hours and 10,000 hours of on-the-job training. The end result is a highly-skilled union workforce that brings unsurpassed quality and workmanship to every project. Since 1985, this approach has allowed Besco to provide superior installation and management services at a competitive and market-driven cost.


No matter the project’s scope, quality is our primary focus. Besco understands that our electrical system installations are meant to last for decades and operate efficiently in a variety of different environments and situations. It is not only our customers relying on the quality of our work, but families, homes, businesses, and even our nation’s military. Meeting this expectation is job #1. Our work is monitored at every step to ensure that the highest standards are being followed for all of our installations. Besco also provides a clear maintenance schedule as part of each project’s scope and successfully manages a number of different installations on behalf of our clients.

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All safety concerns are addressed by Besco. Our dedicated staff will research applicable codes, prepare drawings, keep your team informed of standards and regulatory requirements, and obtain all necessary approvals and permits. Each one of our work sites strictly adheres to OSHA standards and has a Site Safety Manager on-site during all work hours. Our commitment to following standard safety practices is indicative of the quality workmanship we bring to every project. Besco has helped set the standard for safety for over 30 years, and our safety and permit approval record remains unmatched.




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